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Rules for occupation of the Refuges

In order to guarantee best visiting conditions of the different Refuge d'Art, visitors are kindly asked to comply with the rules of this regulation. All visitors have to certify by their signature in a register that they have read and understood this regulation.

Reservation and key pick-up

All reservations of the Refuge d'Art are handled exclusively by Musée Gassendi.
In order to visit one of the Refuge d'Art, visiting requests can be made by phone ((+33) 04 92 31 45 29), by mail (musee@musee-gassendi.org) or via www.refugedart.fr.

One the day of arrival, visitors have to report to the Musée Gassendi in order to pick up the keys and the emergency kit which contains:
- A torch light and a spare battery - only to use in emergencies
- A fog horn, in order to alert other occupants to any danger

In addition, you have to fill in an information form, sign the register confirming you took note of this regulation and leave a piece of identification at the museum, which will be returned to you upon key return at the end of your stay.

The keys have to be returned to the Musée Gassendi, visitors will then be handed back their piece of identification.
Please take note that every visitor is responsible for his key. In case a key should not be returned, the visitor will be charged 800 € (cost of replacing the locks of all Refuge d'Art ).

Visitors checking-in for one day cannot, under any circumstance, stay inside of the property after dawn or keep the keys any longer as initially agreed.

Cancellations by Musée Gassendi : The Musée Gassendi reserves the right to cancel reservations in case of force majeure.

Visitors are responsible for any damages they might cause. We recommend visitors to check on a holiday insurance extension to cover those risks. The museum does not assume any responsibility for lost or stolen items, neither inside nor on the outside.

Internal rules

With your signature you certify to comply with this regulation. Visitors will be held responsible in case of failure to comply.

Visitors are asked to obey to these rules and to make sure they are obeyed:

Prohibitions at the Refuge d'Art:

- Children without their parents cannot spend the night at one of the Refuge d'Art.
- Do not use candles in the Refuge d'Art.
- Do not leave any rubbish (as well as empty bottles or leftovers).
- Between March 15th and October 15th starting a fire in the surroundings of Refuge d'Art is strictly prohibited.
- Do not move any furniture inside of the Refuge d'Art.
- Spending the night at the refuge is prohibited from December 10st until March 21st.

Obligations at the Refuge d'Art

- Respect the artworks.
- In case of using the chimney, make sure the fire is completely extinguished before leaving.
- Report any deterioration upon check-out.
- Possess two mobile phones and check on mobile reception upon arrival.
- Respect the neatness, the material and the internal and external environment of the Refuge d'Art
- Close windows and doors when leaving.
- Only use the emergency kit in case it's really needed,
- The Refuge d'Art will be closed during snowfall.